Education & Prevention Services

Drug education is the planned provision of information, resources and skills relevant to living in a world where psychoactive substances are widely available and commonly used for a variety of both medical and non-medical purposes, some of which may lead to harms such as overdose, injury, infectious diseases.
The following projects represent our response to addressing Education Prevention within Dublin 12.

Crumlin Youth Reach

Early School Leaving and low educational attainment are major risk factors for drugs and alcohol use. The Task Force supports support additional literacy and numeracy tuition in Crumlin Youthreach.   The mission of Crumlin Youthreach is to offer young people a diverse programme of education in a respectful, safe, encouraging and inclusive early School Leavers Initiative .

Students who benefited from this programme have enjoyed a lot of success in the context of progression to further training or education options, due in part to the confidence they gained from the literacy supports offered in this centre.

Contact: 01 455 8182

Address: Crumlin Youthreach, Armagh Road, Crumlin, Dublin 12


DYCE Youth Café

The Task Force supports the work of the St John Bosco Youth Café, through the provision of funding that facilitates the operation of the Drimnagh Youth Café (DYCE).

The DYCE Youth café provides a means of attracting young people 10-18yrs into the main St John Bosco Youth Centre and engaging them in a range of developmental programmes in the youth work programme as well as utilising the café as a safe and positive diversionary programme for those young people. The Youth Café, includes access to internet, video games, dance area, audio visual resources and table games.

The overall purpose of the St John Bosco Youth centre is to provide pursuits, amenities, programmes and activities which seek to develop young people personally, socially, educationally and recreationally in a high-quality, safe environment that respects its users.

This project includes a full time administrator in addition to the provision of the Youth Café

Contact Details: Brian Murphy and Stephen Sharpe, St. John Bosco Youth Centre, Davitt Road, Drimnagh, Dublin 12.

Telephone Number: 4560100


STORM Training

Suicide is an increasingly worrying issue for the Dublin 12 community and a major risk factor for those using drugs and alcohol. D12 LDATF has began rolling out Skills Training on Risk Management (STORM) training to all frontline workers in Dublin 12. This is an evidence based programme developed by the University of Manchester and is regarded as the gold standard in suicide brief interventions.
Two-day training course in suicide prevention and intervention


STORM® (Skills-based Training On Risk Management) is a training for frontline workers that addresses how to assess suicide risk, how to put in place a safety plan and how to prevent a new crisis to occur by developing a postvention safety plan.

It is a training highly recommended for all those who work in drugs project, youth services, prisons, emergency services, health care, schools, and for any organisation who’s service users are at high risk of suicide and self-harm.
STORM training

  • Allows people to build on their skills, learn and practice new ones, as well as building confidence to ask the difficult questions in the right way.
  • Valuable opportunity to network and share experience, knowledge and expertise.
  • Flexibility in implementation of the model
  • Uses interactive methods that are known to develop skills including video work and role play

Attendance is free and lunch will be provided.
For more information please call Grainne on 07669 55657 or email
Please note that we can only offer this training to those working in the Canals and Dublin 12 areas.

Drugs Education Worker

The objective of the D12 LDATF part-time D12 Drugs Education Worker:

  • Engage with relevant target groups in Dublin 12 to increase awareness and information on effects of drugs
  • Provide drugs education opportunities to all sections of the community
  • Explore novel methods to engage the Dublin 12 community in discourse on Drugs and alcohol


The drugs education worker commenced work in August 2012. Since this time the role has involved a quality standards approach to drugs education throughout the Dublin 12 Communities. Based in the St John Bosco Youth Centre in Drimnagh, this work involves working with schools, youth services, treatments services and other relevant agencies in Dublin 12.


To contact the drugs education worker email or phone 01-4560100