The objective of the D12 LDATF part-time D12 Rehabilitation Practice Mentor:

  • Engage with all treatment providers and relevant agencies in the D12 LDATF area in order to implement the National Drugs Rehabilitation (NDR) Framework
  • Support services in their implementation of the NDR Framework
  • Track the progression of service users through the continuum of care.

Since the Rehab Practice Mentor started in May 2014 the Task Force’s knowledge and awareness about the National Rehab Framework has increased substantially. The Rehab Practice Mentor attends monthly National Framework FIT ( Framework Implementation Team) meetings.
In 2010, the HSE published the National Drug Rehabilitation Framework, a systems model
As well as facilitating the implementation of the framework and NDRIC protocols, the Rehabilitation Practice Mentor engages with agencies regarding inter-agency collaboration, referral pathways, quality standards, training needs and service planning.