This directory Walk in my shoes aims to present additional services available for Addiction service users in the Dublin 12 area, and that have premises based outside the area.

It is hoped that the directory will prove to be a useful guide for services involved in the care and case management process and facilitate service users move through the relevant services as seamlessly as possible.

Four stages of addiction identified were;

  • Active Drug Use
  • Stabilisation
  • Detoxification & Rehabilitation
  • Aftercare

As many services are specific to the stage of treatment it was important to categorise each service in this way. For example both housing and training/education services available to you differ if you are an active drug user, if you have stabilised on treatment, or if you have achieved drug free status. In this context the following categories were identified; Treatment, Homelessness, Training/Education. Sections were also dedicated to Family Support, Childcare, and Alcohol Services and one section contains details for a range of other useful services.

While treatment is seen as a key service, those affected by addiction often present with a range of issues that are inter-dependant and inter-related. There is recognition that there is a need for a holistic approach and that no one agency has the resources or the skills to address multiple issues. An interagency approach is identified as the best approach in meeting the needs of those affected by addiction. The inter agency approach provides mutual support for services involved and can impact positively in meeting the needs of the service user.

Every effort has been made to ensure that all details contained in this document were as accurate and up to date as possible.